Project management – how it works


A managed project is the best way to build your new home in order to achieve the greatest value in terms of:

  • construction quality
  • extent and quality of appointments
  • total cost to build and ability to achieve the budget target
  • your ability to participate to the level that you wish

There is no doubt whatsoever that the PM process will unveil every cost to the penny, and will allow you to make informed and conscientious decisions throughout the project.

The process itself, while proven and successful in many industries, is still new to many people. In its simplest form, here is how the PM process is applied to building your new home:

Trial Planning and Budgeting
At this early stage we spend time with you understanding your objectives, your budget, and the type of home you wish to enjoy. We will make several recommendations affecting these, and many other items – from square footage to financing, and everything in between. One of the key deliverables is a trial budget to get things rolling.

Design Conceptualization and Engineered Plans
We then move on to the actual design – capturing the spirit of the home while respecting the budget, The exit deliverable is a full set of architected plans, and a tendering worksheet that identifies all that is required for tendering to begin.

Tendering and Final Budget
During tendering we go out to tender for every element of the project using our database of 1,000+ suppliers and contractors. The process is open-book. We request quotes on your behalf, and all quotes are submitted to you, via your PM.

It is at this stage that you will be invited to shop for personal finish items such as cabinets, fireplaces, flooring – the fun part of shopping.

Once all offers have been received, we roll up the budget, make our recommendations to you in terms of where the best value is, then decide together when and who to award contracts to. We then do a final round of negotiations with all trades on your behalf. Once this is done and all contracts are awarded we lock-in the build schedule, develop Gantt charts and daily workflows, and prepare to break ground.

When its time to break ground, we act as site supervisors as well as PM’s ensuring that all work meets or exceeds expectations, and is done in a timely manner. We perform regular inspections, and instruct you when and when not to settle with trades. The build portion is managed by your PM until move-in.

Throughout the process, your PM will be there to provide guidance, resolve items, help you make adjustments, and ensure that the building process is an enjoyable one for you.