How we do it?

Our process eliminates the general contractor. GC’s make a profit on everything related to your project, from the simplest piece of lumber to the most expensive plumbing fixture. By eliminating the GC, we eliminate unnecessary costs, thus freeing up your budget.

All labour elements – framing, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, finishes – are taken to tender on your behalf to ensure the best possible trades at the best prices, and we review this in tandem with you to make the best choices.

What’s more? You are granted unparalleled freedom in shopping for finishes such as appliances, flooring, light and plumbing fixtures. These are quoted directly to you from the supplier of your choice, as opposed to a GC who directs you to a sole supplier and marks up all the costs.
About our process

Need a particular standard for green or healthy homes?

We are often asked about our preferences for heating and ventilation systems for new homes. There is no right answer to this question.
With so many advances in materials, processes, engineering and practices, there are dozens of ways to design solutions that meet your particular needs, preferences, and budget.

How we feed ourselves

We charge a project management fee that is locked in at contract signing and ensures no surprises. And we provide the home materials package – frame, engineering, doors, windows, roofing, and interior trim – using only reputable suppliers with proven track records to ensure superior construction quality.

Why doesn’t everyone build this way

The way we build requires incredible attention to detail, tireless follow-up, and plenty of experience in all facets of planning, design and construction. There are very few qualified residential construction project managers, and even fewer qualified firms that specialize in residential construction.

This is a very small, specialized field that can, however, offer enormous benefits to residential clients. It is also dwarfed by the conventional construction industry, and we are frankly too busy and smart to try to change that!

We generally save our clients in the order 25%,
net of our fees by eliminating the general contractor.

And our process grants you more freedom in shopping for finishes, controlling your budget, and seeing where your hard earned money is going.