Mr. Frank (François) Murray founded PARAGON HOMES. Our 1988 date refers to Francois Murray and not Paragon Homes. Paragon was founded later in the years after changing our trade name. Since 1988, Francois Murray quickly established his company as a successful designer and builder of custom homes. PARAGON HOMES is family owned and operated: Frank is the President, Founder, and Senior Project Manager, his wife Nicole is the Project Coordinator, and their son Nicolas is the Junior Project Manager and Future President.

You can rely on our company; we have designed and built over 450 homes for satisfied buyers throughout the Quebec and Ontario region. Our 35+ years of experience is essential in developing the right construction specifications; using our system, we know how to produce an exceptional home at a highly competitive price.

Our current line of homes represents the latest technology in designing and building. We apply innovative new technology in the form of our proprietary Paragon plans and designs system and use the system we created to help you source the use of best performance materials in your custom home construction. For example, each custom home package kit includes our unique R-32 wall system which helps ensure a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

We specialize in pre-engineered house package kits. Our product line of homes has a wide variety of highly appealing designs and types. All home package kits are complete with full construction blueprints and are pre-engineered for structural integrity.

We build your home using our comprehensive project management system. Our process includes tendering cycles, budgetary planning, trades selection and negotiation, site supervision and inspections, computerized scheduling, and many other processes, checks and balances that yield a better built home at a better price. Our project management methodology is your foundation for ensuring a successful, top-quality construction that is on time and on budget.

For PARAGON HOMES, a home refines the quality of life through the timeless elegant designs, fine craftsmanship, and the individuality and technology in our home packages kits; this is what brings about true refinement. We continually search for the best for you through our client-focused processes.

PARAGON HOMES achieves this high level of distinction by cherry picking our own fine blend of the best-in-class artisans and sub-trades, suppliers of fine materials, and our own meticulous construction project management system processes. Through this exclusive blend, we can deliver you a home with timeless appeal and overall value — a home-building experience beyond your expectations.


To our clients

We conduct our business honestly, fairly, confidentially, transparently, and ethically.



Our quality standards stem from the large design-to-order manufacturing industries where value is created from lean and precise process management methodologies.


Supply management

We work with the best of the best and have a consistent number of associate suppliers. This enables us to be creative, resourceful, and flexible in finding solutions that surpass your requirements and quality needs.



We integrate the diverse perspectives of all individuals and truly take advantage of the synergies created by teamwork where one plus one equals three.



We work with a true spirit of mutual regard, trust, and openness.


Why Choose Paragon Homes?

To understand our founder Frank Murray, you need to see the world through the eyes of a master Project Manager, someone who settles for nothing less than absolute excellence. His attention to detail and meticulous planning have catapulted him to the forefront of the custom home industry. In overseeing a successful company building custom homes around the Quebec and Ontario, time management and planning are even more crucial and challenging. Frank firmly believes, “It’s not about reinventing the wheel; it’s about changing the way it works. I have my clients’ best interests in mind when I’m building their home, and there is no hidden agenda. My number one goal is to ensure they are happy.”

This one-stop service is available at a surprisingly affordable price. Experience the benefits of dealing with the industry leader. Simply contact Frank — let our family turn your family’s housing dream into reality today.


Here’s to dreams realized!

François Murray
Founder of Maisons Paragon Homes Inc.
CanadaLog & Hybrid Timber Homes Inc.