Prefab Home, Home Package or Kit
What’s the Difference?

At Paragon Homes, we are TRUE custom home builders with a UNIQUE method of building that yields a better home for less money, and is unmatched in terms of providing you VALUE. We achieve a high level of distinction by cherry picking best-in-class artisans and sub‐trades, material suppliers, and apply our meticulous construction project management process to each project.

Our services are tailored to your needs

There are many name brand home package providers on the market.

Here is some of the language they use to describe their products.

Panelized or Prefab Homes

This type of home consists of pre-built wall sections. Panels are manufactured in factories and then delivered on site by trucks. Framers will charge you more money as they often require a crane to handle the heavy wall sections.

Modular Homes

These homes are built in one or more modules in factories and transported to the job site by very expensive trucks and escorts. A large crane is required on the job site to handle the modules to be installed on the foundation. You are responsible for the foundation.

Home Package

A package-kit consists of the building materials required to build your new home. They are usually “spec” designs and include the shell only – frame, windows, doors and roof. Your framer‐builder must then work on site to create the structure with these materials.

Why is a Paragon Package a Better Value for You?

No Middlemen

Paragon deals directly with material providers and does not pay middlemen or sales reps.

No Franchise Fees

Paragon is a wholly owned entity. It does not pay franchise fees or overrides to a Headquarters or home office.

No Double Markups

With many kit companies, the main office marks up the product, and the local office or franchisee marks it up additionally, which is a reason why their kits are so overpriced.

Real Subject Matter Expertise

Not only do we sell home packages, we build them. We know what we are selling and how to build a home right.

No Pressure or Hard Sell Tactics

Most kit resellers are commissioned agents whose sole purpose is to get the sale in order to make money. We are constantly approached by clients complaining of the high pressure sales tactics used by many home package companies

No Bad Materials

Kit resellers are on the lookout for the best material deals – not so they can save you money, but so they can make more money. We do not skimp on materials quality, and our kit prices always reflect the actual cost of materials.

No Bad Information

Many companies have a tendency to downplay, or even conceal the real associated costs of building. Remember that they are not builders but package resellers. It is not to their advantage to reveal the REAL costs of building. And once a kit is sold, actual costs are not their problem – they are yours.

The Design You Want Without Losing The Farm

Another tactic used by kit home resellers is to charge you exorbitant fees if you modify one of their plans or ask for a complete custom design, with the promise of crediting you when you buy a kit. This tactic “locks you in”. We pride ourselves in offering complete design services at realistic rates – whether its our plans, yours or from scratch.