Build Green & Healthy

Building a green and healthy home will help you and the environment in many ways:

  • It will reduce your cost of ownership by decreasing heating, cooling and maintenance costs.
  • It will provide you with a healthier atmosphere by improving air quality in your home.
  • It will help the environment by decreasing the amount of greenhouse gas and other emissions.
  • It will reduce waste by helping you manage resources like water, fuel and electricity.
  • It will ensure that the materials you choose are long-lasting, thus saving you even more money.

We can design and build your home to a variety of specific energy efficient and healthy home standards including Energy STAR, Novo-Climat, R2000, Envirohome and Leed for Homes to name just a few. We can also guide you on the choice of healthy materials including low/no emission cabinetry and paints, environmentally friendly siding, tankless hot water systems, alternative energy systems, as well as green processes and specialty materials.

How green your new home or renovation will be is a function of personal choice? We have also made choices on how we build our homes. And it starts with a unique R-32 wall system to provide you with maximum insulation and air leakage performance. We also use exclusive Weyerhaeuser framing and structural materials because of their performance and their environmental stewardship.

Most tract and custom home builders and home package suppliers fear the added cost of “greening” your project. However, this is a very short-sighted view that is a disservice to you as:

  1. The cost of building green is more than offset by energy savings, in perpetuity
  2. A green structure improves resale value substantially, especially nowadays
  3. Total ownership costs are often lower with a green home

Read our white paper on how to build a better, more economical home for yourself and for the environment for a refreshing and different take on things. [Click here to view]

With Paragon, its easy being green and it’s worth it! Talk to us about a green strategy for your custom home or renovation project.

[Click here to view our R-32 wall system]

[We build green and healthy homes using Weyerhaeuser Engineered Wood Systems – Click here to visit Weyerhaeuser’s website]